Why Choose Prenatal Yoga

Why Choose Prenatal Yoga?

For many mamas, prenatal yoga classes are a right of passage. You make your registry, you get your ultrasounds, and you bring your bump to class! But not every woman feels that prenatal yoga is right for them. Some have a strong yoga practice already, and feel that prenatal yoga is too slow or too easy.  Some have never considered themselves, flexible, spiritual or the “yoga type”. Some are carrying their second pregnancy, and don’t have the same amount of time that they used to have. Here are some reasons that you may want to reconsider, and join in your local prenatal yoga class:

  • Likely to gain less weight - Yes, weight gain is a natural and necessary part of growing a baby. Most woman can aim to gain around 25-35 pounds. Yoga and fitness can help to keep you in a range that is healthy for your body.
  • Lower risk for Gestational Diabetes
  • Easier Labor and Delivery- (Regular exercisers are 75 percent less likely to need a forceps delivery, 55 percent less likely to have an episiotomy and up to four times less likely to have a Cesarean section)
  • Better Body Image- In a culture where there is a huge focus on a woman’s physical appearance, many woman can experience a vareity of emotions on their changing bodies. Prenatal Yoga helps to celebrate the beauty of a the mother to be, as well as the magic of the pregnant body. 
  • Helps with swelling
  • Keep immune system up
  • Meet other moms and feel apart of a community- This is a big one! Pregnancy can be a joyful time, but it can also feel isolating. You aren’t hanging out with your girlfriends at happy hour anymore, and you probably are going through ups and downs you have never dreamed of. It is easy to feel alone. Prenatal Yoga helps mothers voice their concerns and make new friends during this beautiful transitional time.