Miracle Mama Moment

Yesterday was a long day for me. Steve was working late, and despite getting Wes up early and out to play outside for a long time that morning, he didn’t settle for an afternoon nap.

I was scrambling to get last minute tax things in the mail, and Wes wanted my attention. I was really stressed about the papers, annoyed at myself for not doing it all earlier, and annoyed that Wes wasn’t napping so that I could have a mental break.

He wanted me to do bubbles with him. I actually dropped what I was doing and blew some bubbles. Automatically, my breathing deepened and slowed down, just from having to concentrate on blowing the bubbles. Pretty soon he was laughing and so happy, and we were laughing together! I was no longer stressed… I was just in the moment of seeing my gorgeous boy watching the magic of bubbles, growing and popping. And then he said, “I love you Mommy” and I almost cried. This 5 minutes of breathing and connecting made my whole day easier, and calmed me down to be able to make it though til bed time.
So, bubbles are miracle workers. The breath and the bubbles created an energy shift, and created the connection that I needed to be able to be a better mom for a few more hours. It’s the little things.