Weekly Classes

Monday, 9:00 am Mama Vinyasa (Postnatal Power Yoga)  at the Mama'hood, Denver

Monday, 10:00 am Prenatal Yoga at the Mama'hood Denver.

Monday 5:30 pm Prenatal Yoga Level 2 (Active Style Prenatal Yoga class) at the Mama'hood Denver

Tuesday 6:30 pm Prenatal Yoga at Baby and Co Birth Center

Thursday 11:00 am Baby and Me at the Mama'hood Denver

Sunday 12:30 pm Prenatal Yoga at The Freyja Project

Upcoming Workshops and Special Classes

Parenting with Joy

Do you want to parent from a place of joy? Would you like to have the tools to handle tantrums, food battles, sibling conflicts and other stressful situations with your children? Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of empty threats or useless time outs!

In this two week series you will learn about the foundation needed to parent with confidence both calmly and effectively. After you complete your series there is a monthly Parenting with Joy Support Group for further support, problem solving and feedback.

Topics covered:

  • Positive feedback and reinforcement
  • Setting limits and boundaries with empathy and love
  • Toddler behavior and development
  • Why routines create joy
  • Redirection versus time outs
  • Parenting to your child’s temperament
  • & more!

Vino and Vinyasa

Enjoy a yoga flow class followed by a sharing circle in a group of supportive women with a glass or two of wine! Postnatal modifications for new mamas will be offered as needed. Whether you are just returning to your yoga practice after baby, are looking to practice in a circle of supportive women, or simply want to wind and wine down after a long week, this class is for you. Make time for yourself and enjoy!

Infant Massage Workshop

Are you looking to bond with your baby, or feel more confident using gentle touch and infant massage? Did you know massage can aid with deeper and longer sleep, improve sensory integration, stimulate the circulatory system, and even help to help counteract the effects of postpartum depression?

We will discuss and practice:

History and Benefits of Infant Massage

How to Get Ready

Massage for Naptime, Colic, and Health Issues

The "Five Minute Massage"

Massage and Premature Babies

Massage Adjustments for Babies with High Needs

This class is open to mothers to be, mothers who would like to bring along their babies, doulas and birth workers, Mommy & Me Yoga teachers, and anyone who would like to know more about infant massage!

Yoga, Breath, and Birth

Did you know that yoga and meditation have been linked to positive birth outcomes? Join us as we explore prenatal yoga positioning, breath work and how it can support wellness and ease throughout pregnancy and your labor.  You will create an empowered birth plan, practice visualization and meditation,  and learn comfort measures you can take with you. There will be time for question and answers , as well as addressing fears and concerns about birth , so that you can go forward in your journey of motherhood with joy.