Finding your tribe can be difficult as a new mom! I created this page for you to have some local resources for everything from finding great moms groups to socialize, to finding real help when you need it!

Lactation Support

La Leche League International

La Leche League is an amazing resource, and I am proud to be a leader for the Denver Highlands chapter. Meet other like minded moms, and learn about everything related to breastfeeding including getting off to a good start, starting solids, pumping and returning to work, and normal infant sleep. These meetings are always free to attend, which helps make breastfeeding accessible to all.  The meetings I lead meet every second Tuesday at 10:00 am, and every fourth Monday, at 6:30 pm. Partners are welcome! We meet at Highlands Integrative Pediatrics.

Breastfeeding Group Lead by IBCLC

Sometimes you need a little more help! It is great to have an IBCLC when you are facing different issues. The Breastfeeding Group at The Mama'hood is perfect for meeting new moms and getting advice you may need. 

Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, and Playgroups

The Mamahood offers everything from postnatal yoga, family yoga, birth story healing circles,  newborn-toddler support groups, cloth diapering classes, babywearing classes and more! This amazing center is a great place to meet other local moms!

Belly Adornment 

Sarahkate Butterworth does beautiful henna work on mothers' bellies! Check out here lovely artwork here

Pelvic Floor Health, Postpartum Discomfort, and Healing Diastisis

Lynn at Intuitive Hands Physical Therapy is an amazing resource for women postpartum, as well as prenatally! She is a physical therapist who focuses exclusively on women's issues. She offers a variety of classes, videos, and services. Learn more about her here!

Counseling and Therapy 

Sometimes, we need more help. Postpartum can be difficult. Luna Counseling offers therapy to women who may be expereincing postpartum depression, infertility, miscarriage, high risk pregnancies, and more.